CCNU Hosts the 37th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

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Revision:Ding Hengtong, Hu Zhaoxin and Can ShuangyanDate:2019/06/26

Central China Normal University (CCNU) hosted the 37th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (Lattice 2019) from June 16th to 22nd at the Hilton Hotel Wuhan Riverside. This is the second time the symposium is held in China and the first time in Wuhan.

More than 340 researchers attended the conference where 280 of them were international participants from more than 20 countries/regions gathered in Wuhan to discuss new developments and achievements in lattice field theory and its applications in particle physics, nuclear physics and computational physics. To promote academic sharing and communication, global live was offered for this conference.

Zhao Lingyun, President of CCNU, delivered a welcome speech. He introduced the history and recent development of the College of Physical Science and Technology of CCNU. The college have gathered a group of renowned specialists and scholars and formed CCNU’s research characteristics after over one hundred years’ development. The research fields of particle physics and high-energy nuclear physics, and the theoretical physics of the college have all entered into the international frontier. He also pointed out that CCNU was honored to host such a high-end conference.

The annual lattice conference is the most prestigious conference for lattice field theory. It covers the latest developments and results in lattice field theory, and attendees from all over the world report on state-of-the-art of lattice calculations. New ideas and collaborations are often inspired through presentations and discussions at this annual conference. The scientific program contains highlights of recent developments in the field, and new research directions.

Lattice field theory, was proposed by K. G. Wilson, a Nobel laureate in Physics, is the study of physical quantities of interest to physicists by establishing a quantum field theory on a discrete space-time (lattice) from the first principle and using supercomputers for numerical analysis. The non-perturbative features of the theory and its close relation with computer applications have made it one of the fastest growing branches of theoretical physics research in the past decade.

The conference is chaired by Heng-Tong Ding from the Institute of Particle Physics (IOPP) in College of Physical Science and Technology of CCNU. IOPP is one of the leading institutions in heavy ion collision physics in China and has recently installed a GPU cluster having a theoretical peak performance of 1 PFlops/s devoted to Lattice QCD computations.

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